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The big brother of the popular UberMoth, the RAVEN is just bigger and badder!
It sports the same fuselage construction but uses the larger M60 wing that puts it in an altogether different class. With the Raven you can fly faster and higher.

As an added advantage, the wing breaks down into two parts for easy trasport and storage,

Performance Benefits:
  • Increased speed
  • Reduced Drag
  • Improved Turning Ability
  • Improved Energy Retention
Airframe Advantages:
  • Removable 2-piece Wing
  • Durable and easy to repair fuselage
  • Superior Crash Survivability
  • Even better looks than the UberMoth!
Raven Front
Specifications: Flight Gear Requirements:
Wing Span 60"
Length 24"
Weight 38-42 oz
Transmitter Programmable (computer) w/ elevon mixing
Receiver Micro (Berg, FMA, Hitech or equal)
Servos Micro (Hitech HS85MGs or equal)
Battery 4cell AAA or smaller (less than 1/2" Dia.)
Switch Charge Jack type (low profile)

UberFuse Components:

  • Polyurethane Rubber Nose Cone
  • Polyurethane Rubber Connectors
  • Fiberglass Longeron
  • Carbon Rod Stringers
  • Shaped Lead Nose Weight
  • Ultracote Covered Balsa Fin

Wing Components:

  • 1.9 lbs EPP foam wing cores
  • Carbon fiber wing spar system
  • Basswood drag spar system
  • Quality lightweight elevons
  • Control horns and linkages
  • Optional Ballast System

What's in the kit?



The kit contains a completely finished UberFuse. Nothing to do!

It also contains all parts needed to build the wing and fit it to the UberFuse including the battery tubes and wing blisters.

The kit, as usual, does not include glues, tools, covering materials, electronics or a ballast system.

What else is needed?  


Unless the wing is modified, a 4 or 5 cell AAA battery pack is required .

Although not required, the wing panels are cored to accept a ballast system.

Since the Uberfuse has no provisions for housing a switch or charge jack, one needs to be planned for the wing.


All three of the above items can be purchased on the Order Page.

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